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I have read several of the comments and I have to say I have never been more happy with an insurance company. When my dogs were puppies I got the insurance because my other dogs I never had insurance or had even heard about it. In the beginning I was told I should cancel it and save that money to put it away for emergencies for my dog. I am so happy I never listened to those people. Our dog Stymie has cancer. I got the cancer writer when I first got them. I actually got the insurance hoping it would be an insurance policy of my own that I would never have to use it and kick myself when they go older saying what a waste of money. Well now that Stymie has cancer at only 4 years old they have paid back so much towards the treatment. We would have never been able to afford it without VPI. I have to say VPI basically extended Stymie's life by allowing us to afford the treatment. I look at VPI as insurance on my child. I went with the highest price and best one. My pet deserves it as much as my son, spouse and son. After all to me it is not eating out with my family for one night a month. Since Stymie has gotten cancer we have started a foundation because we are so thankful to have insurance and if we didn't the devastation of what we would have had to have done would have been horrible. Our foundation is promoting the fact people need to start looking into insurance just like for their child. If they have questions about the policy call the place ask questions. Discuss whi

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