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I'm really surprised by all of the negative feedback that VPI has been getting. We just started insuring my 10 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback about 3 months ago and have had ZERO problems with the company. I think people are forgetting that this is an insurance company, and they are trying to make money. Just like your own health insurance. VPI clearly came out in the quote exactly how much of each incident they were going to cover. As far as I'm concerned, any amount that I get back is a bonus, because frankly, I was going to pay the vet bill anyways. I've called customer service and talked to very nice and friendly person regarding my deductible. I love the Facebook page, and the information they post daily (they even respond to my picture posts!) The claim form process couldn't be easier (You can email it! Jackpot!) Overall I have been very satisfied with the service and would highly recommend them to everyone I know who has a pet! I wish we had not listened to the people who said "it wasn't worth it" because Staley racked up about $1000 in vet bills before his 6 month birthday! If we had insured him from the beginning, my out of pocket expense would have been well under half of that. I'm so glad that I can take him to the vet without the "Oh great, how much is this going to cost" in the back of my mind.

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Eye problem

Torn Nail
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Age of Pet
Under a year

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