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We have two 1 year old Jack Russell Puppies. On New Years Day our little Milo decided he didn't want to wear his harness anymore and chewed it off himself, injecting some of the nylon. This caused a serious blockage in his stomach and intestines. He could digest his food, he threw up everything he ate, and he was in an immense amount of pain. This went on for about 5 days before we realized he needed to go to the Vet. Once at the Vet's office, he had to have emergency surgery to save his life. The surgery cost was $2K, money that really couldn't afford to spend, but had to in order to save our little man's life. Thanks to VPI's Major Medical Plan - 500 Care guard Premium Coverage, we only paid $500 out of pocket. The insurance reimbursed us the rest of the bill and we were able to replenish our savings, while being able to breath a sigh of relief that our little puppy was going to make it. I am an extremely satisfied customer with VPI, both of our puppies have their own VPI policy's. I would highly recommend VPI to anyone with pet that they love. The $50 a month per pet, is the best $100 I spend. I can rest easy knowing that my little men are covered and that I can bring them to the vet for any procedure/check-up and not have to worry about the cost!

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Blockage in stomach
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Jack Russell Terrier

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