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I would say that having pet insurance is a great thing because you never know when something may happen. My four year old Chihuahua/mutt mix began limping on both back legs. I was in such a panic. Was something wrong with his hips, his back, his joints.....the endless numbers of possible things ran through my head. With pet insurance, you have a better piece of mind on being able to handle the finacial burden that such an injury would bring.
With the economy being so bad and I'm still looking for permanant work for the past year and a half,it was nice to have this to lean on.

The only other thing that helped was having Care Credit also. Two things that work so very well together.

Although the amount of money back on his yearly shots has been not very consistant, the processing of claims is very fast and the reimbursement on the soft tissue injury with x-rays and all, came back very quickly.

It is one expense that I have, that hasn't even come near the chopping block to consider cutting.

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soft tissue
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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