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Jaxon is a nine month old white Lab. I bought him from a guy who raises hunting dogs. Although I have taught Jaxon to hunt, I have no intention of hunting him....Read on.Jaxon had what my wife felt was some sort of blockage. We took him to the emergency vet on New Year's Day. He spent the night there and the following two days at our family vet getting IV fluids. And believe it or not, that was the good news!
While at the emergency vet they discovered a heart murmur that had not been previously diagnosed. We made an appointment with a cardiologist (animal cardiologist). There Jaxon went through a battery of tests for two hours. And the news couldn't be worse. Jaxon was diagnosed with a heart valve defect. He can never hunt or go on long hikes as it could do harm to his system.
At this time, the cardiologist is calling UC Davis to see what can be done, if anything.
My wife and I are devastated. We have two other dogs, so Jaxon always has someone with him 24-7.
We are so thankful for our pet insurance. I never bought it for any other dog, but just had this feeling that Jaxon might need it. And I will never be without pet insurance. I tell my friends this story and they will be getting the insurance as well when they get a new dog.
This insurance company has been absolutely wonderful to work with.

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