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Just last month our 9 month Pitbull puppy Cali had a scare when she somehow got ahold of some really strong glue and swallowed some of it. A week later she had stopped eating and going to the bathroom. So finally on our second visit to the vet with her they told us the next steps to figure out what was wrong - x-rays, blood work, maybe surgery - and proceeded to tell us the costs associated with these services. Our dogs and cat are family, and for family there are no limits. We would have done anything for our baby girl at that point. We wanted our puppy well again. We agreed to have x-rays done...which revealed a full tummy on a dog that hadn't eaten in almost a full week. This brought us to the inevitable surgical procedure that would allow the veterinarian to remove a softball-sized ball of this glue from Cali's stomach. But before this even took place there was the discussion of how we would pay for this costly procedure.Fortunately I had signed up both of our dogs for insurance back in May of this year and the vet's office was more than helpful in helping us fill out the insurance claim form. I must say that the little amount of money we have spent since May on the monthly premiums for our dogs ($10 for each) is nothing compared to the relief I felt when I opened my email this past Saturday (about 2 weeks after it all happened) to see that the claim was completed and even more so when I read the Explanation of Benefits document in the Member Center and found out the am

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Swallowed glue
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Over $1000

Pit Bull

Age of Pet
Under a year

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