Petplan insurance can save your pet's life

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I'm so glad that I took the time two years ago to thoroughly research pet insurance plans. This site was the one that helped me to make up my mind. We previously had another, much cheaper insurance that had policy limits on everything, which doesn't help much when your pet needs expensive surgery. We bought the Petplan Silver coverage with $200 deductible and 0% copay. The policy maximum coverage is $8000 per year. Our dog suddenly went lame in all four legs without warning after coming in from playing in the backyard. We rushed him to our vet who said he suspected a neurological condition and referred us to a veterinary neurologist. We new the treatment was going to be very expensive, and it was, but it saved his life. It cost $1300 just to find out what was wrong for sure (x-rays, ultrasound, MRI). He had a ruptured disc in his neck, and without immediate surgery would be quadrapalegic. The technician handed us the estimate for surgery and rehabilitation for an additional $8000. We said okay, and she made a remark that we must have a lot of money. We said no that isn't the case, we just have pet insurance. It turns out that veterinary neurologists are not very common, and they deservedly charge huge fees for their expertise and skill (our dog was walking again within a week). I faxed the claim form and all necessary receipts and records and nine days later received a check for $8000. If we had bought the Silver plan, everything except $200 would have been reimbursed. This i

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herniated disc
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1 - 8

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