This is not insurance it is a contract

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Banfield does not have pet insurance you pay a contact(they don't tell you this, they call it 'The Plan') to have twice yearly tests run and all your shots for your pet. They list an extremely high price for the services and your price is zero...unless your pet dies and you try to cancel. If you have had your pet in you have to pay the charges before you can cancel and believe me they are not normal, they included both an office visit ($45) and exam fee ($34)my list of so called charges was two pages long. You get trapped in their contract even after your pet passes away. Last when trying for two days to cancel my other pets 'plan' they will not do it nor will they tell me how much is costs to cancel. They just keep giving me e-mails that don't answer my questions.

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No I said it is a contract.
Claim Amount
Under $100

Scottish Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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