VPI seems pretty good so far

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My cat has been with VPI for several years. As she's been aging and been requiring some blood work and things, I think that I've been more or less breaking even from year to year. If she ever requires some more expensive procedure, I suppose that I could still end up with substantial out-of-pocket expenses. However, having no insurance coverage would probably leave me in a much worse position. As another comment points out, insurance companies are in business to make money, not to provide a public service. On the occasions when I've called VPI for information, the employees with whom I've spoken have been knowledgeable and compassionate. I prefer to believe that their compassion is sincere. I realize that it could just be a feature of their training (i.e., be sure to make the crazy pet owners feel like their animal is special).

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urinary tract infection
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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