Embrace Pet Insurance is a Breath of Fresh Air

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My husband and I have only been with Embrace Pet Insurance for a month, but so far, we are very happy with their customer service. Prior to our new Doberman puppy, we had a Miniature Schnauzer as a member of the family who had diabetes. We didn't have pet insurance with him, and we paid thousands of dollars to care for him. We decided that with our next dog, we would try pet insurance. My husband researched pet insurance companies for weeks (he was obsessed)! Embrace seemed like it had the best features, but what really sold us was the customer service. My husband called several companies before he joined Embrace and some either never answered the phone, or left him on hold or couldn't answer his questions, but not Embrace. They always answered quickly and were knowledgeable about what he was questioning. That's what won us as a customer; knowing someone would be there to answer the phone. Since we have joined, we have made 2 claims for puppy visits. I like how you receive an email confirming Embrace has received the claim and a subsequent email in less than a week that the claim is processed and the check is on its way. Just this morning I signed up for direct deposit into my checking account for reimbursement which will save me going to the bank to deposit a check, and save a little bit of trash (and the environment) with Embrace not having to mail me a check. I wish my own health insurance was this easy to deal with!
Thank you Embrace for being a breath of fresh air giv

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