Beware Emergency Services

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I work nights and came home Sunday morning to my bulldog barely breathing (he had an abcess grow from a foreign object stuck in his gums and partially block his windpipe.) He needed emergency surgery and the closest ememrgency vet covered by UPC was over an hour drive away. Had to take him to a closer vet who isn't on their list of providers. They couldn't help me out. When talking with them on the phone, the customer service was very polite but could offer no resolve. Due to their sevices not being helpful to mine or my pets needs, I asked to cancel only to find that it would cost $30 and I wasn't able to cancel until the following year. They stated that I had only been a member for a year and didn't agree with me when I told them that I had been for almost 6 years and last year was when they automatically renewed my membership. I have used them for medications in the past but my savings were so minimal that it wasn't worth it. The monthly fees I have paid would have paid for all my current bills and then some. Could be a good service if you live within reasonable distance to providers.

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abcess/throat obstruction
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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