Ridiculous Pre-Requisites for New Dog

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I had 5 pets insured with Pet Plan. When I rescued a purebred German Shepherd puppy last April, I was told that I had to have his knees and stifles palpated and certified prior to being insured. My veterinarian did this when I brought home in for his shots and my puppy passed with flying colors.
However, when I called PetPlan to write the policy, I was told that the exam had to take place AFTER the application was written. I offered to have my veterinarian fax over his notes certifying his assessment, but the representative was adamant about the exam taking place AFTER he had written the application.

This would have necessitated repeating an exam that had taken place only days before, subjecting my puppy to the stress of another car ride and examination and having to pay all over again for an office visit that replicated one from only days earlier.

Moreover, I have heard of breeds that are susceptible to luxating patellas , i.e., most small breeds, needing pre-certification. Never have I heard of a large breed needing to meet this requirement; in fact, my 11-year old, who has been insured by PetPlan for years had no such stipulation when she was insured.

If PetPlan had agreed to accept my veterinarian's days' old assessment, I would have insured my puppy, even though I felt that this was an odd requirement for a breed not known for knee problems; however, because PetPlan was so rigid and unreasonable in its insistence on a duplication of this assessment,

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Problem with Writing a Policy for New Pet
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German Shepherd

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