Mast Cell Turmors...gone

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Annual checkups and a lot of questions for my vet are key to finding potentially serious medical problems with my dogs.
In this case, during a "routine" visit, my twelve year old Rhodesian Ridgeback/German Shepherd mix female was discovered to have three Mast Cell tumors on her chest and belly and right "armpit". Surgery was quickly (yet not hastely) scheduled with a surgeon, 400 miles away and preformed. Two weeks later, three more were found and dealt with locally by her regular vet.

The REALLY good news...ALL the "margins" around the tumors were clean of tumor spread...meaning the earlier you catch and treat any potential cancer, the better the survival chances for my dog. (What a no-brainer concept!)

Pet Plan Insurance was great in their handling of my claim. Quick (yet not hasty), through and quite knowledgeble...they educated and walked me threw the process and payment to my satisfaction was promptly made.

I'm pleasantly pleased regarding the professionalism and customer service that Pet Plan staff provides for my dogs and me.

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Mast Cell Tumors
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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