Thank you Petplan, your a life saver!

Out of 10

Amazing customer service. super fast response time (faster than regular human health insurance). They pay what they say they will pay. I get checks within 2 weeks of submitting a claim. I can view everything online. 100% coverage for all medical issues my puppy has had so far (specialist coverage 80%).
I have spent over $7,000 this part year in medical bills and petplan reimbursed me almost $6,000 of that. (they do not cover special diet foods).

Best experience. They are my hero's. I would not be able to keep my dog if it wasn't for them.

Thank god I didn't get VPI!! I heard horrible stories from friends and family and the vets!!

You know you have great insurance when even the doctors are amazed at the amount the plan covers (literally jaw dropping)!

Thanks again!!

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Copper Storage Disease (Liver Biopsy), Nose Fungus (CAT scan Rhinoscopy), Tic issues
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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