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We have had VPI's Superior Plan for our 5 year old chocolate lab for 3 years now. I looked into getting it after he ate the top out of a baseball hat and had to be opened up in three different places (wish we had signed up earlier). Even though we have only used it for three different instances, I don't think I would ever cancel the plan. For the amount we pay each month, it cannot be replaced. It is very nice to have the protection, just in case, and when something big does happen, VPI is there to help. We travel all the time with our dog, camping, boating, etc... so he is always exploring new territories. Our last claim, about a month ago, was our biggest yet. Sammy started what looked like seizures and they lasted all night long. We visited our local vet and they were unsure on what we should do, after a couple episodes of this, we were referred to a specialist downstate in NY (4 hours away). Being very attached to our lab, we went without hesitation. The specialist, Dr. Bishop was VERY good and thorough. After three days of tests, including an MRI, spinal tap, thyroid panel, CBC, X Rays, and ear examination we were told Sammy had an episode of Vestibular Disease/Syndrome. Vestibular Disease causes a dog to have no sense of balance or space. They stumble all over the place, are very confused and scared, sometimes cannot stand up or eat, and an episode can last for weeks at a time (very scary). It can be caused by many bad things including brain tumors, br

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Vestibular Disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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