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Trupanion is truly a lifesaver. My 15 month old dog began limping badly a couple months after I took out a policy with Trupanion. He was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and needed operations on both of his hips. Luckily, I had paid for the hip dysplasia amendment. Thanks to Trupanion, he had his first operation three weeks ago. He will have his second surgery in a coupe of weeks. We could not have afforded to provide these operations for our dog without financial help. Trupanion has been paying 90% of all costs of this operation and we are forever grateful. Initially, they looked at all of his medical records and determined that his condition was not pre-existing. Since then, all claims we have put in have been approved in a matter of two days. Checks have come as promised and in time to pay off our credit card.
The only things that I feel is lacking is that they don't pay for physical therapy. I can understand not paying for alternative medicine, but physical therapy is very needed after extreme orthopedic surgery. The price of physical therapy is out of our reach. Again, though, we are so grateful that Trupanion came to our rescue and saved our dog's life. The staff is wonderful, all angels. They are an honest company and do what they advertise without any hassle.

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sever hip dysplasia
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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