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I have had my choco lab insured with VPI for coming up on 8 years and it has been a company to work with. I am not sure of the plan I have with him, but it helps cover routine shots, heartworm meds, etc. and have it as a just in case. Well that just in case showed up in april 2011 with a bump on his rear paw. A trip to the vet and it was just a torn joint capsule, or so we all thought. We chased it around for the next five months with lots of rest, then x-rays, then another visit to a specialist (who looked at the xrays three months proir to this visit!) and told me that it was a mass and we should apputate his leg. HOLY WHAT?? I was not prepared for this at all. I left as fast as I could, and when to a different vet that had a much better bedside manor. We did a biopsy to see what the bump was and it was our worst nightmare cancer. A very agressive one that most dogs do not live past 5-6 months after getting it. I was at the five month mark of when I first found the bump, timing was everything for us! We got a chest xray and an ultra sound and no signs of cancer anywhere else. Finally some good news!!! My guy is seven, fit, strong, and my best friend, so at this point it was amputation time. It was my only option to keep him alive and the clock was ticking. All the emotions that are involved, the sleepness nights, am I doing this for me??? He did very well through surgery and five months later he is doing very, very well. The point of my rather long story is

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