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my 5 year old dog develop an uti, i decided to take her to banfield bc her vet was close at the time. They did exams and urine test and they diagnosed her with uti, and put her in antibiotic and change her diet. they encourage me to buy they wellness plan bc it will same me money bc (i have to decline it like 3 times in the same visit) . after 2 days my dog didnt look like she improve. so i took her to her vet (no banfield) and they diagnosed her with bladder stones, just by doing a physical exam that was confirm later by a x-ray. i will suggest to any person to go to banfield to get a second opinion, and dont get the wellness plan. my suggestion is to get pet insurance from a company bc they will reimburst the money up to 80%.

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Miniature Schnauzer

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1 - 8

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