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Last Fall, my cat Maisie was hit by a car and suffered a severely dislocated hip. By the time a neighbor found her and got her to me, too much time had passed for the vet to be able to pop the hip back in, so she had to have an expensive surgery to repair it.
Between the initial diagnostic visit to the vet and the surgery, I ended up spending $1900, which is more than I could afford. If I hadn't known that insurance would pay a good portion of that, I would have had to put her down.

With insurance, I recieved $1082 of that back after my deductible and some adjustments (the orthopaedist's charges were several hundred dollars over the reasonable and customary amount).

Maisie still has a limp, but she's running and jumping and back to her old self thanks to ASPCA Pet Insurance.

The staff are always a pleasure to work with (unfortunately this isn't the first time I've had to make a claim for Maisie), and the processing and payments are timely.

I have two other cats and they are all insured for catastrophic coverage. I also now pay a littlbe bit extra each month for continuing coverage across enrollment periods. This is well worth it. In 2009, Maisie broke her foot at the end of a period, and the follow-up charges weren't covered, because they fell in the new year.

I tell everyone I know to insure their pets. There's nothing sadder than having to put a pet down, because you can't afford to pay for a seriou illness or injury. The coverage I've had for Maisie's t

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Hit by car; dislocated hip; needed surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Mediumhair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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