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I would not recommend this company to you unless you need the most basic coverage and then it is a toss up if the premium would save you any money or not. Their own rep said it was not generally worth it. That should have clued me in about them, now with 20/20 hindsight. My experience:
I took out a policy on our older dog just because she is precious to us and she is slowing down... I wanted to be able to take care of her if anything happened... Their "paperwork" and claim forms are all on line and you need to download them and read the long list of exclusions with a vet... before you give them a dime. Their web site says "we cover straight 80%" of accicents and of all claims after the deductible. I thought short of cancer or something serious that would sound like accidents etc. and meds. would be generally covered. Long and short of it... My dog slipped on loose rug while running on hardwood floors and got a limp that wouldn't go away. I thought oh great! I got this insurance just in the nick of time.... I can get her checked....Well, 3 xrays later and expensive meds I got a bill for $500... from my vet with a diagnosis of a "torn cruciate ligament." No worries ... I have this insurance that covers accidents and meds and I will only have to pay 80% after my deductible.... EXCEPT ---AND YOU GUESSED IT.... I NEEDED TO READ THROUGH TO THE NUMBER 16 IN THE EXCLUSIONS!!! Guess what is NOT covered by this great insurance company... 'Torn cruciate ligaments! " or at least du

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torn cruciate ligament
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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