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In today's world it is unusual to find a business or company that actually lives up to what it claims to do. Embrace is one company that does!
After having my "heart dog" die several years ago from complications of surgery for pancreas issues I never wanted any more dogs. It hurt too badly to lose him and besides, giving good vet care is horribly expensive. Our dog's two surgeries and ultimate care cost us thousands of dollars.

Well, as you might expect, we do have another dog, in fact we have FIVE dogs, all rescues that were abandoned, about to be euthanized and were homeless. So, in light of or previous experience, I thought I would check into pet insurance.

So many pet insurance companies are awful... there are loopholes, this isn't covered, that is an exception, sometimes they are hard to figure out what is covreed and what isn't, etc. I heard countless stories of people who were very unhappy with their pet insurance and ended up dropping it. Then I found Embrace. It almost sounded too good to be true but I thought we should try them. At that point the dogs had no health issues we were dealing with but I wanted the insurance "just in case."

Sure enough, out of the blue one of our shelties developed a heart issue, then a possible kidney issue. We needed a vet cardiologist, special tests, echo grams, ongoing follow up care, etc. Each time, Embrace covered the cost (minus my selected deductible amount) with no haggling, no confusion. Fast, pleasant, easy.

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