Hands Down Amazing!!!

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Fast turn around time (my claims were received, accepted, and paid out in less than a week) , do exactly what they say they would, no pressing a million buttons when you call to get information, you can even talk to the same person every time if you wish, easy to access forms, contact you promptly if something is missing from claim, easy to access any information because of account online.
I am sooo glad that I chose pet plan for my puppy. My puppy Loki broke his left front leg jumping off of a chair when he was only 4 months old. I did not have insurance at the time. He had to have a plate and six screws put in because without having surgery the chance of recovery was slim to none. that surgery cost me 2,600 but my pup is well worth the money. After that I decided to get insurance for him. I shopped around and did all of my homework since pet insurance is not as highly regulated as insurance for people. Some other insurance companies sounded better because they paid for the costly first year stuff like neutering and shots but when I called all of them would not insure both of Loki's front legs even though nothing happened to the right leg. Also the biggest thing to me was that all other insurance companies that I looked at would not cover any hereditary/genetic disorders, since poms are prone to having collapsed trachea's and luxating patellas what was the point of having insurance? Because all that they would cover is illness and any accidents that were not on his upper

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broken leg
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Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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