You Guys Rock !

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“You guys rock.” I thought mommy was referring to me & my brother, when she blurted it out while opening her mail last week. Turns out, she was referring to the reimbursement check she received from Petplan.After having to spend neary $10,000 in vet bills on me over the years, mom decided to get a insurance policy for me. A whole year went by without incident & the cash flow was at a minimum, so when it was time to renew, she thought about cancelling the policy.
Boy, was she glad she had second thoughts. Two months later, I started vomiting blood. Mom took me to the vet & they ran all kinds of expensive tests on me. I was dehydrated & had a fever, so I to be given IV fluids & IV antibiotics & had to stay overnight. The bill was over $700.00, but Petplan paid over $500.00!
Four months later, it happened again. Mom took me to the vet & they ran more tests & decided I needed to have an ultrasound. The bill was almost $700.00 again. This time Petplan paid the whole bill & we didn’t have to pay the $200.00 deductible again, because it was a continuation of the same symptoms.
I was finally diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease & was given special food to help my digestion & I feel so much better.
In these uncertain times when money is scarce & people’s love for their pet’s is anything but, I have to agree with mom; you guys do rock.

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