Garbage breath and exposed roots! Oh My!

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Ebony Grace, my adorable four year old DSH black kitty I rescued as a two week old orphan, was suffering from severe periodontal disease. She was diagnosed with stage 1 gingivitis at a young age but it became worse within the past year. Unfortunately, the veterinarian I took her to last year did not tell me the extent of her teeth and gum condition. I started noticing very foul breath and got her into a different veterinarian who took a look and showed me her exposed roots, thus informing me of the severity of her dental disease. I was extremely upset and knew she needed to be taken care of immediately. Unfortunately, this veterinarian didn't do anesthetic dental cleanings or surgery, so he referred me to a vet who did. The vet recommended she be admitted immediately, took Xrays, and called me telling me what work she needed done. Five extractions! Two that were grade II and three that were grade IV. Oh my gosh! And a thorough dental cleaning. Total charges: $1,038.73! Ouch. Thank God, I had Care Credit and PetPlan health insurance. Care Credit offered 6 month interest free and PetPlan paid $838.73. Leaving me with only the $200.00 deductible. With seven cats, you cannot know how appreciative and grateful I was to have PetPlan coverage on Ebony Grace.

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Grade IV periodontal disease
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