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We've been pet owners for 4 months with a 6 mth old Chihuahua named Harlie. Because of the disparity of price structures and reimbursement schedules between insurance companies, our search for the best insurance coverage actually began by first realizing finding a Vet with a good reputation with reasonable fees was the first step. We found that spaying in our geographical area ranged from $170 to over $400+ for Harlie--quite a spread for the same procedure. By finding a Vet with reasonable rates we assured ourselves of getting the best reimbursements from any insurance plan we selected. We decided not to go with a company with a benefits schedule such as the VPI plan which has several pages of very confusing medical codes and procedures broken down into 2 columns that I couldn't figure out even after speaking with their rep. Then there's the long list of exclusion medical codes that I'm sure seem small, until you find your pet falls into one of those areas when it comes time to file a claim! Embrace seems to have a well balanced plan that will cover the high cost of an emergency treatment, while also providing great Wellness coverage benefits--better than any other plan we looked at. Embrace also allows you to tailor your deductible and co-pay to further reduce your premium should that be an issue for you. So far, the claim process has been very simple and reimbursement times have been reasonable (within 2 weeks). The staff sends status emails every step of the way o

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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