At first skeptical, but I've been converted

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I have always been skeptical of pet insurance especially because I never knew if it was a scam. After my Chihuahua suffered head trauma back in July, I decided to get pet insurance. I did extensive research on different insurance companies and found Pet Plan to have great reviews so I decided to go with them. Four months later, my dog developed Pyrometra and she needed emergency surgery. I was worried about whether or not the company was going to pay my claim so I was ecstatic when I was told my claim had been approved and the check was in the mail. The only thing to be aware of is that your pet needs to have had a medical examination within the year in order for Pet Plan to pay the claim. I was not told this when talked to the sales rep, but it is in the policy so make sure you read it carefully. Luckily, my dog was examined when she had the head trauma so that counted as a yearly medical check up.

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