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Our Sophia is one intelligent and loving 4-legged Poodle, when one morning August 25, 2010, she awoke and would not eat and then began to violently throw up. For two long days and nights we stayed with her watching helplessly as she continue to throw up, not eat and we were so afraid we were going to lose her. We took her to the Vet and after many tests, IV's and finally surgery, we found out she had Irritable Bile Disease (IBD)Now seven months later with a special diet, she is doing fantastic. Then two weeks later our strong headed Maltese, Nikki became ill with Coccidia, which was treated and she too is her old self again. Believe it or not, our little rescue silky terrier Lily, became sick two months later with a fever which, we found out came along with URP a kidney disorder. After treatment she is doing well and is as playful as ever....Now all these girls are well and happy, but four months before Sophia became ill we decided to purchase Petplan insurance on all three. Therefore we had blessing after blessing with Petplan, the best decision we have made for our girls plus Mom & Dad. I would hate to think were we would be today (Financially)if we had not purchased this wonderful pet insurance from Petplan.

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Irritable Bile Disease (IBD)
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Over $1000

Poodle (toy)

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1 - 8

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