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This is the first time we had pet insurance, started in 1/2011 when we got a few kittens from the shelter and an adult at home. I have three cats all on embrace. I just give the forms to the vet and they fill it our and fax it for me. Very little for me to do. One previous kitten died of FIP a few months ago after numerous expensive tests and treatments. She was an Embrace kitten. They paid the bills quickly, kept me informed with timely emails, and was supportive when our poor kitten passed away. No issues with payment at all. I have called customer service a couple of times to add cats to the policy and the representative was informative, professional, and friendly. I was talking to my coworkers a month ago soon after my one kitten died of FIP about the major expenses the ordeal had placed on us. They said - I bet you wished you had pet insurance. I said - yah I had it. They said - that was real smart. Best decision ever to sign up with embrace.

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Feline Infectious Peritonitis
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