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I have 2 dogs that have been covered by VPI since the day they came into our home. Oreo, a Lab, is now 10 and recently developed 2 large lumps on her body almost overnight. My vet immediately ordered an extensive series of tests and xrays. There were also 2 procedures performed, including a biopsy and surgery. I submitted each claim asap in the hopes of recovering a portion of the costs, all the while very worried about how I was going to continue to pay for more surgery, treatments, etc. VPI came to the rescue! They processed each of the claims very quickly so that each reimbursement helped pay for the next test, etc. I couldn't have been more pleased!!! While I was still worried about my girl, the financial worry was removed which gave me time to focus on her! In the past it has taken about 2 weeks to receive reimbursement for small claims such as annual exams, shots, etc. I believe VPI was so much quicker in processing my claims during this ordeal because of the severity of the claim. In any case, they were very speedy and I very much appreciated that!

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chronic hematoma
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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