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No one wants to think about having your pet in a life/death situation, but we felt better knowing our pet was highly insured and whatever came out way we could count on VPI. Unfortunately, worst did come to worst and we had to have our dog undergo multiple diagnostic tests (that were covered in the policy) to determine the severity of her disorder. We thought we could rest assure that we would only being paying a fraction of the cost. NOT TRUE! Unfortunately, the diagnosis was considered "congenital" even though our Neurologist states in writting/phone calls to VPI/etc that it is aquired and no way to proved to be congenital. None the less we are left to pay over a $4000 pet bill and then to make matters worse VPI backdated the diagnosis to not cover her emergency room visit the night before all of the diagnostic images were performed and would not pay any of her vet bills after she had a diagnosis. She ended up passing about a month after all this chaos broke loose and we miss her so much. My only advise if you choose to go with VPI is do not ever get a diagnosis because they will deny, deny, deny. I would fully look at other options and review the reviews on various websites not just the providers websites. Good luck.

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brain injury
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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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1 - 8

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