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I lost my beloved dachshund Dapper last November. It was a rough time and I had to deal with not only his illness and all the sadness that brings but the mounting bills to manage his heart problems and extend his quality of life.
In December, I insured my two cats (Big Kitty and Baby Kitty) through PetPlan. Unfortunately, they recently found a growth on Baby Kitty's small intestine that required surgery. I was obviously devastated, especially so soon after losing my dog. And again the vet bills mounted and ended up totalling $6,100. It was time to put PetPlan to test...

They really came through! They processed my claims very quickly and without any hassle at all. And along the way, they (Geoffrey & Staci) sent me the most compassionate and understanding emails.

I very rarely write reviews but felt I had to write this to let my fellow pet lovers know how great the experience has been. Yes, pet insurance can seem pricey especially when your pets are healthy and you are on a tight budget but Baby Kitty's premium is just a few hundred dollars a year and I was reimbursed at 90% ($5,500) so the investment was well worth it. I would hate to see anyone go through what I did last year which is worrying so much about your beloved pet while being distracted by mounting bills.

With PetPlan, I have piece of mind that I can focus entirely on my pet's health and healing because they've got me covered with the financial burden.

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gastrointestinal mass
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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