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A big concern for my family with getting new pets was the large veterinary costs that come with pet ownership. I did a ton of research on this site and others and found Healthy Paws to have the most comprehensive, straight-forward plans. Healthy Paws has been a saving grace for our pets and our pocketbooks. I can't express how amazing the company has been over the last few months with our puppies and their various ailments. Their customer service is top notch--they always pick up the phone promptly when I call and they return emails within two hours or less. They have taken an active interest in our puppies, going so far as to ask us what nicknames we have for them and requesting pictures. Over the last six weeks alone, we've gotten back over $1,000 from vet bills because of the insurance. On New Years day, we noticed one of our puppies was not putting weight on her right front paw. Instead of hemming and hawing and waiting to take her in to the emergency vet, we knew that most of the bill would be taken care of by Healthy Paws and we brought her in to see the Vet. It turned out that she had a serious injury that required a large splint and multiple follow up visits. That initial $700 bill only cost us $120 and made the vet visit a no-brainer for us. If we had to pay the whole bill, we might have waited a couple of days to see if our dog got better (she wouldn't have) and we would have been subjecting her to unnecessary pain. Of course, all the follow up vi

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Paw Injury
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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