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I have insured my dogs since I bought my second Bernese Mountain Dog in 2007. During that period of time, I owned 3 dogs, 2 Berners and a Chihuahua. My Chi swallowed part of a cow ear, after seing my regular vet, I had to take him to an emergency clinic because they felt he needed an endoscopy. Well, poor Niblet, that didn't work but they did manage to push the piece he had swallowed into his stomach. Between my vet and the clinic the cost was about $1200+ and I was reimbursed for a little over $1000. My next incident was with my male Berner. Hagen ended up in the emergency clinic over July 4th weekend in 2008. He was diagnosed as having a blockage. He really was in tough shape and knowing that I had the insurance gave me the opportunity to go ahead with surgery rather than take him home and watch him suffer while we waited to see if the problem "passed". Good thing! That bill was $2600+ and I was reimbursed with $2300+. It didn't end there... poor Niblet got very sick at the beginning of 2009. I finally had to have him euthanized in April of that year. I love my dogs and could not bear to do a group cremation. Pet First covers part of the "funeral expenses". The final incident (at least to date) was with my female Berner, Ebba. We thought the poor girl had an abcess... not so. Within a matter of two weeks (and I think this is unbelievable too) the swelling turned into a mass of tissue, no warning really. Ebba was diagnosed with cancer and I was faced with m

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Over $1000

Bernese Mountain Dog

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1 - 8

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