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Last May our rescue lab got into some insecticide. In two short seconds she ate thru a bag, ingested a very small amount which almost killed her. It cost us $4000 to save her life! The next day, Grace ran off and while gone, she ate poison that was left out at a nieghbors home. It cost us another $2000 to save her!
As you can imagine my husband and I were at our wits end! This was adding up. I had looked into pet insurance but now we were taking it a bit more seriously. The ASPCA looked to be our best bet. For $70 a month we could insure all 3 labs against unexpected health costs. The last week of July we submitted our application for Level 2 insurance with the ASPCA for all of our dogs and we were accepted on August 1st. I needed just 1 month for all dogs to be fully insured.
On August 31, Bowie our middle dog took off to a nieghbors home. He came right home when called and looked fine when I left. When I got home 3 hours later, Bowie couldn't get up to greet me. I rushed him to the vet! Our vet found marijuana, dirt, rocks and garbage! But there was something else, posion possibly? Bowie was not reacting well and had to stay at the pet hospital a few days. Bwoie lives but it cost an additional +$1600!

I submitted our claim to the ASPCA and waited. There's a one month waiting period for your ASPCA Insuance to kick in and this incident was one day shy of that period. We held our breath for a couple weeks while it was being reveiwed and we got a check for half of the t

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Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

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