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We have 2 embrace policies, 1 dog and 1 cat. We had the policies nearly 1 full year before we ran into any major issues, but now we've had 1 major issue for each pet (It's been a difficult year) and in each case the issue started at the end of the first coverage year and wasn't even diagnosed until the 2nd so we're stuck with the continuing care maximum. With our dog the issue was elbow dysplasia and we had initial xrays done in policy yr 1 when symptoms developed, it wasn't until we were finally referred to the specialist that we were given a diagnosis. We had an additional set of xrays done and arthroscopic surgery preformed so that the vet could establish what we really going on in our dog's case. Embrace paid their 80% for both sets of xrays and the arthroscopic surgery promptly and efficiently, but now we've already hit our continuing care maximum for the year just figuring out the issue (even though we weren't able to really use the benefit of the $10,000 coverage, we only had about $600 in bills the first yr). We are lucky since the vet was able to determine that she had slight joint in congruency in her left elbow, but further surgery (such as adjusting the length of her ulna) wouldn't be recommended at this point since her cartilage looks healthy and the incongruency is minimal. We'll just have to be more mindful of her lifestyle and the amount of exercise she gets needs to be moderated so she doesn't develop arthritis.
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