No regard for their customers, just bluntly stealing your money

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From the very first day of insurance activation, they were having problems setting up my account because their system was blocking my credit card. Finally in 48 hours a supervisor was able to make it work and my policy was created. However, whatever they did messed up my account in their system and I was not able to use their app or their online portal to view, see details of, and submit claims electronically. I was told IT will fix my issue shortly. A week goes by and no one has contacted me or followed up, issue is still ongoing. After spending 30 minutes trying to get a hold of someone I am told IT is busy and cannot deal with my problem at this time because their priority is currently a system update/changes that Pet Plan is undergoing. Rude but ok. After numerous phone and email conversations weeks ahead, hours spent trying to get someone to fix my portal access so I don't have to be in a situation where I am stuck unable to easily submit a claim online...still no resolution, still they are focused on their system upgrades over my IT issue. A month later, no resolution is reached, nobody cares to follow up with me, my email by a supervisor Don Davis are being ignored. I decide to cancel my account (2 days after my 30 day window of cancellation). Despite everything they put me through they refuse to give me a full refund back and charge me for that first month for nothing. Don is extremely blunt and rude on the phone refusing to give me a full refund, when he knows everything Pet Plan has put me through that past month. Unacceptable, they are stealing my money, rude supervisor who does not care about their clients.

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