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We have a one year old Golden Doodle. When we got him, my husband and I decided to get pet insurance. After much online research and comparison shopping, we chose Trupanion with a $0 deductible and 90% coverage. It was worth the $41/month to sleep at night and not worry if something happened and we had to come up with a lot of money. Well, the worst did happen. Our puppy came down with Meningitis and had to have almost $4,000 worth of medical work done to diagnose and heal our puppy. We paid for the tests, doctor appointments and drugs and kept our fingers crossed that Trupanion would reimburse us at 90% of our costs. Upon submitting the claims, we heard from our local Trupanion rep and she informed us that we would be covered and that any other costs involved with this condition would continue to be covered in the future. We were thrilled. Trupanion has been nothing but wonderful to deal with. We are so relieved that we chose this company to insure our pet.

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1 - 8

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