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On 11/2/10 I became concerned about my 8 year old minature schnauzer after I noticed he had vomited on the living room carpet and refused his morning treat (Cookie never turns down food!). I crated him before leaving for work. When I came home I noticed he had vomited in his crate. He even vomited water. I brought him to the vet where he had labs drawn, an X-ray performed to rule out an obstruction and an IV started for hydration. The probable diagnosis was pancreatitis, but an ultrasound was needed for confirmation. The next morning I learned Cookie indeed had pancreatitis. The vet kept him another day to manage his pain, hydration and food intake.
Well it’s been about 2 months since Cookie came home and he is doing very well! In fact, he seems more energetic than before he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. This leads me to believe that the problem may have been slowly building and only peaked on 11/2/10. We have continued him on a low-fat prescription diet and enjoy having him around us again. We are very grateful for the care our vet provided and the support we received from Pet Plan. Pet Plan allowed us to focus on getting Cookie better instead of worrying about the cost of his overnight stays and medical treatment. Thank you Pet Plan!

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Posted: 01/24/2011

thanks for this review. i have a miniture schnauzer/westie terrier mix, also 8 years old. she is a very healthy dog. Reading the review on the 8 year old minature schnauzer helped me to make the decision to purchase pet insurance for my dog, just in case i might need it . thanks.