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My now 2 year old dog recently had an injury that resulted in a couple trips to an orthopedic specialist. The first ortho doc thought it was probably a soft tissue injury and possibly related to mild hip dysplasia, the second ortho doc we went to thought it could be a back problem so they did an MRI. After we submitted all the xrays and MRI (eek!) we were so happy and relieved when Embrace covered 80% of everything. Not only did Embrace cover the xrays, MRI, and vet visits, they are now covering (at 80%) his rehab which includes acupuncture, laser therapy, underwater treadmill, etc.! I wish I could find an insurance company for myself that's as good as Embrace! I love the peace of mind knowing that I have the insurance if I need it. Embrace has fantastic customer service and I always hear back from them right away after I submit a claim. Usually only takes a little over a week to receive my refund. I also have the wellness plan that I think has paid off for the last two years (we have had Embrace since my dog was a young puppy). Highly recommend Embrace!

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Border Collie

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1 - 8

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