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On boxing day Spike had begun vomiting, I approached it with the typical wait and see attitude (if he vomits he usually recovers by the next day), and sure enough, the following day was fine. The day after that, Spike had thrown up again, this was cause for concern so I booked an appointment with my vet for the following day. They took some X-Rays, gave him some meds, and sent me home with a $580 bill. The next day when he was STILL vomiting they sent me to the emergency room. Long story short, Spike had a bout of pancreatitis and spent a week in the vet hospital. He's home now, but we're not fully out of the woods quite yet, we're doing bloodwork to see if he potentially has chronic kidney disease.

The reason I've said all of this here is that I want to give a glowing endorsement to both Alta Vista Animal Hospital for the quality of care they gave Spike, and Trupanion my insurance company that covered 90% of the bill. I pay $63/m for his coverage.
Without insurance, this vet visit would have been over $11'000 and I would have needed to put serious stock into either taking out a line of credit to pay the bill or possibly putting down my 2 and a half-year-old dog. Spike has a vet-approved diet, I give him treats sparingly, exercise him regularly, and he's extremely well socialized. The vet gives him a top bill of health on his annual check-up. My point is, this came out of nowhere, there was no direct cause or area of negligence that could have prevented this. It happened to me and Spike, and it can happen to you and your pet.

The best part? His future medication and visits related to this are also all covered, and there was no change in my monthly charge. This is why you get insurance!

Please, if you have ever considered getting pet insurance, go with Trupanion. I don't know what I would have done without them, and even having to make a decision would have been mortifying. I don't care about referral links, and I won't be providing one. This is the first time I have ever been so behind a service that I've made a point to "review" them. They saved my best friends life.

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