Avoid at all costs. LOOPHOLES GALORE.

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I had a $6000 claim. They sent me a check for $25 of it. I would have rather received ZERO, $25 was an insult. Then they had the nerve to ask me why I cancelled. Why did they deny the claim? Let me lay it out here. Follow their logic. --VPI did NOT cover condition #1, which was not life-threatening. It was on a GIANT LIST of conditions they did not cover. GIANT LIST. Of THINGS THEY DON'T COVER. --VPI DID, however, cover condition #2, which was life-threatening. --My dog required $6000 emergency surgery for condition #2. Covered, right? WRONG. Because #2 was a result of #1, that was the loophole with which they denied my claim. And even aside from that: you will find yourself hitting their payout limits for the general stuff (exams, flea meds, etc) really soon. You will find that they really don't save you much on that stuff. Plus, they take a while to send the checks. Compared to other reviews of other places, which mention quick payouts. STAY FAR AWAY FROM VPI.

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hernia & intestinal resection
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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