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I use the Banfield hospital in Washington, PA. I love the hours and the staff has always been friendly and prompt. I signed my puppy up for the wellness plan because it covered his neuter and all of his shots, at $21.95 a month, it was a great deal. Between all of his shots and the neuter, the only thing I have ever paid for was the E-Collar. I also get my flea treatment there, and because I am on the plan, I get it at a discount. Their prices have gone up a little and I am getting a new puppy. Not sure if I am going to pay for 2 dogs and a cat to be on the plan, but for the comprehensive exams and testing you get, the budgeted monthly amount is worth it. If you are just looking to get shots for your pet, then this is not a plan for you. If you want to make sure your pet is in good health, then the money you spend here is well worth it.

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Wellness Exams/Neuter
Claim Amount
Under $100

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 01/19/2011

Don't believe the hype! Banfield is an insurance plan raping animal lovers for their hard earn money. I've been paying 25.95 for a dog that I have no longer that I gave away 6 months into the plan. They will not let me out of the contract. Despite that when I took my dog to be neutered I ended up being out of pocket over 100 bucks. I thought my dog had a urinary tract infection and just for the kit and to run the test they wanted to charge me over 300 dollars. It all seems great until a problem or a procedure arises. Think twice and again don't believe the hype!

Posted: 07/01/2011

No offense, but you should read a contract before you sign it. It clearly states it is a.) not an insurance plan, and b.) that if for some reason something happens to your pet you are still in contract for a year.