Terrible and Slow. They don’t actually explain things correctly.

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I was frustrated with the lack of explanation as to what a physical exam entails prior to enrollment. You should really specify that the pet needs to have a “physical” and not just an exam... I don’t thought a wellness exam would be enough and in turn it was not. And I was already enrolled and paid two months and no one explained this to me. I was sent emails in regards to submitting “all records” which I had indeed done... and no one ever reached out to say I still needed a “physical.” Not very good communication and also very slow going company. I won’t be back.

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Posted: 01/11/2021


We make every effort to be transparent in regards to enrollment exams and medical records during the enrollment process. Healthy Paws pet Insurance requires a full nose to tail physical exam of your pet by a licensed veterinarian in order to be eligible for coverage. No additional diagnostic testing such as x-rays or blood work is required. If a pet is under six years of age, an exam must have taken place within the past twelve months prior to enrollment or with the 15 day policy waiting period. If a pet is over six years of age, an exam must have taken place within the 30 days prior to enrollment or within the 15 day policy waiting period. All pet insurance companies require some form of clinical examination to establish a pet’s baseline health for coverage. Anyone visiting our website can see this information on our “Frequently Asked Questions” page or in the sample policy that can also be viewed from or site. We are sorry to lose you as a policy holder and we hope that you and your pet stay well.

The Healthy Paws Team