Wish human insurance companies were as good as VPI

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We've had pets before but never pet insurance which was not only short-sighted but also very unwise. So, when we got our kitten Chloe, we made it a point to get her insurance as soon as we had the opportunity to do so. That was two or so years ago. It was the best ever decision we made as in the past two years, Miss Chloe has had to be seen by her vet periodically for various and sundry situations -- some minor, some less so -- and each time our experience with VPI was exceptional. To start with, the attitude of the staff there has been without reproach each and every time we've called for guidance; also, we love the fact that they immediately upon receiving the claims, they e.mail to acknowledge it and give the status of the claim; also, the turnaround of the claim payment has so far been very timely and smooth. As I indicated in this review title, I wish insurance companies for humans were as humane as VPI, the pet insurance!

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Eye problem

Urinary tract infection
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Turkish Van

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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