Sidney, Happy & Healthy today, Thanks ASPCA

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I have a long haired dachshound, namded Sidney. I adopted him at a year old. He was an abused dog. Recently, Sidney & I went to my moms to visit and shop. When we left, we pick up baskets, as he gets into them, and anything else he may get into. Any one who has a Dachsie, knows what I mean when I say they are curious & gets into trouble when possible. My mom had left a bowl of cough drops (wrapped) in a dish by her chair. When we got home Sidney was laying on the floor, the dish of cough drops were gone, wrappers and all. His belly looked bloated and he was breathing hard and layed with out greeting us. He layed with his head in his water bowl, I called aspca poison center for help. I didnt know what I should do, as I dont know any vets in my moms area. Even tho the phone call cost 65.00, it was worth the information I received. They can sometimes solve your crisis over the phone, but in this case I was directed to get him to Er. as I did. They had to pump his stomach, and give him IV's and x-rays. I sent the claim in, and I received a large part of the amount paid and a call from the insuranace to ask how Sidney was feeling. I sure made the right decision 3 years ago to get pet insurance with aspca. I will have aspca pet insurance on every pet I have in the future. The claims and payment are handled with much care. Thank you, ASpca for your help with payment & helping me to keep Sidney well.

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Ear Problem



poison ,
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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