VPI has helped me with very high vet bills.

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When I adopted brother and siter kittens, my pet sitter advised me to take out insurance for them. Her advice has proved to be extremely valuable. Before Finnuala was six months old, she had several coughing attacks and on examination at the first vet, she was put on a medication to alleviate her breathing problem. It worked while I lived in Southern California, but I moved up to the Seattle area where the climate is different. Finnuala began to have serious coughing attacks and my vet took x-rays which showed bubble type masses in her lungs. She was put on a different medication which helped, but it was deciced that she see a specialist vet who dealt with pulmonary issues. He kept her for three days of observation and that bill included her boarding. That year, after other visits to this specialist I'd spent hundreds of dollars which VPI reimbursed about 45%. The next year bills amounted to over $2000. The percentage VPI paid helped tremendously. Now, at age 5, Finnuala rarely has couching episodes but her pulmonary problems wont go away. She will live a happy, comfortable life with breathing issues. She is on a medication to keep her stabilized and the local vets are happy with her progress. Her brothr, Tadhg, has been diagnosed with Asthma, so they both inherited lung difficulties. Both are stable and fortunately we havn't seen a specialis in over a year and a half. VPI made it possible for me to afford my vet bills and I am thankful. The advice to take out insur

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