Thank you VPI!!!!

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I"m so thankful for my VPI pet insurance. Never in my wildest dreams would I know how thankful I got it for my dachshund. I never thought she would have back surgery,I thought with the breed being prone to back problems it would be a good idea. Unfortunately she had two back surgeries and thankfully she has done quite well. Not having the stress of a major finacial burden along with the emotional stress of a post op pet was such a relief. I was so impressed with everyone that I talked to at VPI it is truly an outstanding company. Claim submittal and remimbursment was quite easy. I have myself worked in a hospital and dealt with healthcare for over 30 years-I wish human insurance and helathcare was this easy . KUDOS to VPI thanks again!!!!!!

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lumbar laminectomy
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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