If you pet is breaths, it is a "pre-existing condition"

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I had pets best insurance with my dog when she was 8 weeks -- because it was a little company who took a long time to pay claims, I switched to Trupanion, based on a recommendation.

I well understood the wait period for both accidents (5 days) and illnesses (30 days). My dog had an emergency room event during the 30 day wait period and had 1 symptom outlined in the notes that Trupanion went back to 6 months later and stated because she had that symptom back in May, the claim you are submitting for in December can not be approved??????????? Their rationale? That symptom, even though it was undiagnosed, is determined to be for the same condition no matter what. They failed to go back through all of her records to truly evaluate her symptom and determine if it prolonged, etc and to evaluate her records from her regular vet who had seen who the most, not the ER vet who saw her 1x with no history and saw her for about 10 minutes. They just denied, denied denied. No matter how many documents I supplied. In addition to that catastrophe, she had two different eye conditions, not even remotely related to one another, 1 she had during the 30 day waiting period (no problem, didn't submit anything for that). Again this 2nd one was identified and diagnosed in December -- again they went back to 1 document where verbiage existed in the ER referencing a mark on eye. Again a generic symptom that had NOTHING to do with this 2nd eye condition she was diagnosed with. the 2nd diagnosis wasn't even for the same part of the eye and it can not be seen because it effects the retina behind the actual eye -- but they do not have nor do they have an adequate personnel analyzing these claims to truly understand the details. I know this because they denied my pre-approval in about 20 minutes and then a subsequent claim in 1 day (the only reason for that delay was because there was a holiday). Not only did I have to go through an extreme number of phone calls, but you will be required to have vets contact Trupanion if a claim is denied for anything -- and I have found, a good vet, simply does not have time to be on teh phone with insurance companies all day. So if your pets situation, is dire, like mine was, well then you have to make tough choices about whether or not you can afford to move forward with any treatment or expensive diagnostic testing because the likelihood this company will find some reason to deny you, is high.

In my case, my dog ultimately needed an MRI, which cost $5K -- they denied the preapproval DESPITE explaining to them that I had teh ER doctor from that 1x visit provide a written explanation of the symptom being unrelated to this current incident. It didn't matter. I couldn't afford the MRI -- my neurologist for my dog understood. These type of arguments with insurance companies are unnecessary when you are doing nothing but being honest, provide them with every document needed to justify your submission -- they simply don't have the staff to do the claim review process with the degree of thoroughness and care that is needed.

at the end of this saga, it was unfortunate I couldn't financially afford on my own to fully diagnose my dogs condition -- I had to put her to sleep. When I called Trupanion to tell them that I was discontinuing my policy because my pet was being put to sleep, can you believe they said, "We cover euthenasia and can help you". I literally told them I didn't want their help because they had already created so much unnecessary stress with what should have been a healing situation, it wasn't. And if I had submitted a claim, I'd think it would have been denied anyway, well because my pet had been living, so that is a pre-existing condition.

This experience with Trupanion is much like the horrific and unethical experience I had with my dogs breeder -- its all about money, not about your pet and zero about compassion for the families that care for them. I'll spend a lifetime letting others know to steer clear of Trupanion -- should have stayed with the little company. Hard lesson learned here -- hope I can help others. IF I could have rated this company a "zero", that rating would have been too high.

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Posted: 01/10/2021

I have seen a lot of complains about this company which at first look was what I thought was the best. I probably won't use them due to so many complaints an non-payments. Typical insurance company, pay us on a regular basis but don't expect any collection from us.