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Let me start of by saying that at the onset and throughout my affiliation with 24 Pet Watch, my puppy had no pre-existing conditions and was in perfect health. The reason I decided on health insurance for my dog was simply to be prudent. Enrollment seemed quick and easy, but 24 Pet Watch fumbled the ball repeatedly, resulting in me doing extra legwork. Firstly, like most insurance companies, 24 Pet Watch wanted my dog's health records. Fair enough. I had the veterinary hospital forward the records to the company by fax and even called to confirm that they were received. 24 Pet Watch said 'yes', but then days later I got a phone call saying that they were still awaiting the delivery of the health records! Had to contact the vet, yet again, fill out paperwork...
Several months later, my dog and I moved to the U.S. from Canada (24 Pet Watch is known as PetCare in Canada). I thought it would be trivial to transfer his existing insurance as a result of there being an American branch of this insurance company. Wrong! Several missteps later (after close to a dozen phone calls and about a month's wait), we finally had my dog's insurance policy transferred.

Then it came time to make a claim for my pet's annual visit. Another debacle... 24 Pet Watch conveniently did not receive the claim forms I had sent them by fax. Had to do all the paperwork again and hassle my dog's vet office staff, who were very patient and kind, thankfully. To make a long story short, this

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annual check-up
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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