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My beagle was hit by a car in April 2010 while the "professional" dog walker was walking him and my 2 others. Needless to say found out she didnt really have any insurance and had no money, was close to bankruptcy so couldnt even sue her. She paid nothing towards his medical bills. My poor 4 year old beagle boy needed four surgeries and was in the hospital for two weeks the first time, a week the second time, the other two he was able to come home after a night. In total it cost $25,000. My VPI "Superior" Plan paid out the max of $4,000....it was better than nothing but it was truly a drop in the bucket. Looking for new insurance for my FOUR dogs now including a new puppy, looking at the ones that pay a percentage of the actual bill and there is no fee schedule. That fee schedule business is where they get ya! Then they pay a percentage of that!! Go for the major medical stuff if you can afford it. I had to borrow money off every credit card I could to pay for his buill, and by the way he is fine now but it was a longgggg recovery.

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Hit by Car
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